Traffic Police Will be Operation Safety Riding

Traffic Police Will be Operation Safety Riding

Adj Comr Police David Richardo

BAGANSIAPIAPI - The traffic Police Rokan Hilir distric, will be operation safety for riding on theme "Safety Muara Takus in 2019". Operations will be held for the next 20 days.

" In fact, the primary target is a four-wheel driver and a motorcycle that is driving with a mobile phone," said David Richardo, Police Commissioner of Rokan Hilir, traffic Departement.

Adj. Sr. Comr. David Richardo added, that the driver and four-wheel passengers should be use the safety belt, and do not drive under the maximum speed limit.

" The consequences of mixing driving with drinking and drug are disastrous," he said on monday.

Then, drivers and two-wheeled passengers need to wear standard Indonesian helmets. They are also observe the traffic rules.

" Underage drivers aren't allowed to ride because they don't have a driver's license," he add.